Very helpful Arien came in when they were closed so I could look at a car. Good follow through.

Glenn Dahl

Portland, Oregon
2011 Aston Vantage V12

They got right back to me, unfortunately I misread the ad, it was an auto not a manual, not their fault, seemed professional.

Mike Bystrom

Chanhassen, Minnesota
2014 Porsche C2

5 out of 5 stars - Tim is a really cool man with patience to tell me all details about the car and also help me to buy the maunfacturer extend warranty. I am very happy to deal with Tim. The car has professional detailed tho. I will come back to buy more. Thank you Tim!

Cyrus Wu

Kaizer, Oregon
2014 Audi SQ5

Red carpet treatment all the way! Alex Krueger was phenomenal to work with. We drove down from Seattle to inspect and drive the car and ended up talking cars with Alex for an hour and a half. What other dealer gives you that kind of time? A week later we returned to 503 Motoring to pick up our 2016 C450 AMG and Alex picked us up at the airport. Again, what other dealer does that? 100% class act at 503 Motoring.

Reid Okimoto

Seattle, Washington
2016 Mercedes C450 AMG

Our salesman Alex knew his stuff. The showroom is immaculate and the cars are beautiful. They really know how to detail a car. We ended buying the car we were looking for and we got a good deal. I highly recommend this dealer.

Ned Annan

Spokane, Washington
2015 Audi RS-5

Just sold a car though 503 Motoring and could not be more pleased. Excellent service, communication and no surprises. Will definitely do business there again.

Larry Thompson

Lake Oswego, Oregon
2014 Mercedes E63s

Excellent customer service, great buying experience.

Vern Sparling

Salem, Oregon
2016 Audi Q5 Premium Plus

Alex was great to work with. Not pushy, knew a lot about the car. Paper work process was easy and quick.

Michelle Huggins

Portland, Oregon
2013 Tesla Model S

Tim is a great person to work with! Would have no reservation at all doing business with him.

Brian Holtz

Hermiston, Oregon
2014 Mercedes ML350

Tim and the crew at 503 Motoring Sales were top notch professionals. Definitely would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

Franco Gaiga

North, Canada
2000 Hummer H1 Wagon

I've recently used 503 Motoring Sales to move a few personal and business vehicles. Each transaction has gone smoothly and professionally. I encourage anyone looking to buy or sell to give them a try. They won't be disappointed!

Adam Taft

Portland, Oregon

I had Tim & 503 Motoring Sales handle the sale of my C63 AMG & I couldn't have been happier! The entire process was smooth, hands off & handled professionally! They sold my car for what I wanted & there was no back & forth, just "we will handle it all" and they did! I will definitely use 503 Motoring Sales again in future. Thanks Tim & Staff!

Eric Dorn

Beaverton, Oregon
2008 Mercedes C63

The only place to go! Tim and all the 503 peeps will take excellent care of you and your ride.

Ricky Connelly

Bellevue, Washington

Where to start... Probably the most honest used car dealer of all time. Look...anyone can sell you a car, right? It's when there's a problem, that the good separate from rest. Back in April of this year, I stumbled across 503 Motoring Sales from a Facebook post about a 1997 Porsche C2S for sale. I immediately started chatting with Tim, the owner of 503, and could tell I was dealing with an honest guy. We talked, agreed upon a price for the car, and he sent me a PPI that had been recently done on the car by a local shop in his area. When the car showed up via enclosed trailer, it was apparent the car had been re-sprayed, which was something Tim and I had talked about, and must have had some type of miscommunication. This is where he separated himself from about 99.9% of other car dealers---he said that if I was misinformed, or was unhappy with the way the car had been represented to me, he would buy the car back. Wow! Have you ever heard of a used car dealer being that “stand up”? It gets better... We were having a very difficult time finding a shipper to get the car back to 503. Tim, his shop manager, and their sons, drove down from Portland to San Francisco themselves to pick up car. That's customer service taken to a whole new level. I would not hesitate to do deals with Tim and his crew at 503 Motoring, as they have won me over with their customer service, honorable business practices, and just basic ethics. Steve M. (San Francisco Bay Area).

Steve M

San Fransico, California

"We purchased a 1967 Chevelle, 396 4 speed, from Tim at 503 Motoring. It was a car from our past and we are extremely happy with this one. Tim was a pleasure to work with and we are considering him for a restoration project." Sincerely, Kyle Witham Suzanne Guthrie

Suzanne Guthrie

Woodinville, Washington
1967 Chevy Chevelle

What more can I say about Tim and 503. I was looking for a super rare car in a particular color and Tim found it in less than 24 hours. He negotiated a great price and the car was spotless when I picked it up. I highly recommend 503 Motoring if you are looking for high quality unique automobiles.

Joel Lehnen

Portland, Oregon
2008 Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series

I purchased a Ferrari F430 and it arrived one month ago. Tim W was awesome to work with throughout the whole process. He made the process very manageable and I'm so grateful for his knowledge of the Ferrari and the history of the car. The car is amazing and i absolutely love it. Thank you so much!

Scott Sanders

Nashua, New Hampshire
2008 Ferrari F430

Red carpet treatment all the way! Alex Krueger was phenomenal to work with. We drove down from Seattle to inspect and drive the car and ended up talking cars with Alex for an hour and a half. What other dealer gives you that kind of time? A week later we returned to 503 Motoring to pick up our 2016 C450 AMG and Alex picked us up at the airport. Again, what other dealer does that? 100% class act at 503 Motoring.

Reid Okimoto

Seattle, Wa
2016 Mercedes C450 AMG

Absolutely and without a doubt this car was one of the best auto purchases I've ever made. A 4 year search ended at 503 Motoring. Every time I get behind the wheel I've got a smile and have no regrets. As I stated to Tim, the hunt is generally better than the kill! This Boss 302 was well worth the hunt. Thanks Tim,

James Simpson

2012 Ford BOSS302

Just sold my car through 503 and had a great experience. Painless and fast. They positioned and marketed the car effectively. Treated my car as though it was one of the supercars that they handle.

Remi Bonner

Portland, Or
2008 BMW 335i M-Sport

I purchased this 2012 specially customized R8 from 503 a few months ago and I'm still in wonderland. The car is amazing and the performance is incredible and all my dreams have been realized as a result of the incredible service I received from Tim at 503. I first saw the add for this Audi I spoke with Tima nd went back and forth on price I was in the market with others in my immediate area as shipping clear from coast to coast frightened me especially when your spending a serious amount of money as I did. Tim finally sealed the deal with and assured me the shipping was insured and safe. I trusted him and he got me his best man. Lets just say the driver was at my front door 2 days early and apologized that he had a breakdown and would have been here earlier. When I got home from work the driver had my car unloaded from his enclosed trailer had the car polished and wiped down I was in amazement. Tim explained the car was in new condition but it was flawless. The car has never even had a license plate on it as there weren't even holes drilled for a license plate. I was dumbfounded and to this day I still am. All I can say to any perspective buyes is that Tim and 503 is a class operation and coming from an otherwise suspicious new england lawyer as I am they allayed my fears and treated me like gold and the way one would want to be treated. Thanks Tim and the whole 503 staff. Happy Holiday!

Dana Beyer

Stratford, CT
2012 Audi SPARK8

It was a great car buying experience! Thanks 503 Motoring Sales. We love the #NewCar! #503Motoring

Chris Hatch

Hillsboro, Oregon
2010 Range Rover Lux HSE

The finest automobiles available backed by the best staff! 503 Motoring Sales has your next ride, today!!!

Casey Brammer

Lake Elsinore, California

I just took possession of a super clean and rare 1970 SS396 Nova 4-speed. The only thing more rare than the car was Tim's integrity and honesty. Tim made it very easy and went out of his way to help in any way that he could. Car will be with us for a very, very long time to come. Thanks to everyone at 503! Respectfully, Steve.

Steve Dunn

Oakham, Massachusetts
1970 Nova SS396

I'm very glad to have worked with Tim at 503. I am a high-end used car dealer in California and purchased a Lamborghini Gallardo from 503. Tim went above and beyond to make the transaction seamless and easy. If he treats wholesale deals as well as this, he must really take care of his retail customers. I cannot recommend 503 enough and I can't wait to work with them again.

Alex Smith

Santa Clarita, Ca
2007 Lamborghini Gallardo

Just wow! This is how you are meant to buy a car! Stella service from Tim and and his team. Coming off very nearly buying a lemon to then find the "one" at 503 motoring was a dream come true. Their ethos and values are something that seem so rare in the car buying world. You really can't ask to be treated any differently. Tim was completely transparent and always reachable for any further queries I had pre-purchase. I really can't speak highly of how I was treated from start to finish. If only everything was like this! Thank you so much. Can't recommend enough!

Lee J

San Jose, Ca
2013 Subaru WRX STi